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For 2024, NANEY's goal is to raise $20,000. Help us reach our goal !

NANEY calls contributions "investments" because NANEY does not believe in handouts and charity. We are asking you, as a supporter, to invest your money in some of the poorest communities in the world. With NANEY's support, these communities will be able to generate significant ROI, doubling your money in five years. Only 5% of your money goes to administrative costs, so it truly is an investment in community and in people.

Each individual receives an initial $60 sheep loan and an initial $40 peanut loan. $45 is used to pay for training, monitoring and advisor costs. The remaining $5 is used by NANEY to cover our administrative costs.

Over 5 years, your $150 investment will double and the person whom you helped will have generated 500-1000% ROI from the initial direct investment they received.

$40 - the cost of one sack of peanuts

$60 - the cost of one sheep 

$80 - the cost of two sack of peanuts

$150 - adds one family to our sheep and peanut loans permanently

$500 - adds five families to our sheep and peanut loans permanently

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