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NANEY invests in the dignity of communities in Niger




Years Of Experience
Currently Revolving
Loaned Out Since 1998


Women benefitting


NANEY means "trust" in the Zarma language of Niger

NANEY’s founder, Jocelyn Farrington, drew from more than 20 years of experience in international development to create an NGO that was based on best practice and sustainable results.

To do so, she returned to her beginnings in Niger as a Peace Corps Volunteer. As a volunteer, she learned that her relationship with the community and key individuals – and their relationship with each other - was the most important element of success. And fundamental to those relationships was trust, established and proven over the long term. As a result, investments that she and other volunteers made in her community have been sustained and self-managed for more than 20 years.

Jocelyn and NANEY’s board have built on these lessons to create a sustainable and replicable model in one of the poorest countries in the world.

More information on OUR STORY and OUR BOARD.



Resources should be an investment, not a gift

Over the last 25 years, a radical approach has been tested in a small village in Niger, one of the poorest countries in the world. What if, instead of giving people things in the name of their "development", investments were made that were managed, leveraged and sustained locally?

This experiment has become NANEY. NANEY uses an innovative model that focuses on:

  •  fostering savings,

  •  investing in productive activities,

  •  growing the capacity of the community to self-manage those resources and

  •  establishing long term, trust relationships by creating community advisors.

NANEY currently works in Niger with 503 women. More than $69,000 is self-managed by communities. Every year, more than $1,000 is generated through the rolling-over of investments, which allows new women to join. 


NANEY seeks to reach 600 people in 5 communities by 2026.  NANEY ensures that new communities are reached, investments grow, and new women and their families benefit.

More detail on WHAT WE DO.


Minimum 50% ROI for each group member and doubling of capital within 5 years

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NANEY groups, anywhere from 20-100 people, generally women, save a minimum of $10 each over a year. In Niger, the annual per capital income is about $1000. Saving $10 over a year in Niger is like saving $600 in a year in the US. It is reasonable but also significant.

Once the group – and the individual – has proven their ability to work together and save through the savings activity, NANEY provides two starter investments to each individual, managed in the group. A $40 sheep loan and a $60 peanut loan.

These two loans provide a minimum return on investment of 100% for each individual (meaning that for a $60 loan they generate at least $120 of revenue) in the first year. The loans are structured to be self-perpetuating, generating capital for the group and allowing new individuals to join. NANEY investments have generated nearly $20,000 since 2017. 


NANEY’s initial investment in a community will double in value in 5 years and that capital stays in the group and in the community. Once additional capital is generated, it can be used to fund other projects of importance or value to the community.

NANEY’s initial investment in a community will double in value in 5 years

NANEY: trusting communities to invest in a better future


Thank You!

Jocelyn Farrington
President and CEO

Corporate address

7373 Doubletree Ranch Road #165

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Mailing address

PO Box 864, Sheffield, MA  01257


NANEY’s cost per beneficiary is $150

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For every $150 invested in NANEY, $145 are invested back in the community.

Each individual receives an initial $60 sheep loan and an initial $40 peanut loan. $45 is used to pay for training, monitoring and advisor costs. The initial loans are managed as revolving funds, allowing the initial participants to continue to benefit even as new individuals join.

The remaining $5 is used by NANEY to cover our administrative costs.

Our costs are low because we establish long-term relationships with each community. We help community groups formalize, and train community members to act as paid advisors to those groups. Support, cooperation, and engagement are self-sustained, keeping NANEY’s overheads low, which enables us to invest resources with new groups and communities.

Learn more about SHEEP LOANs and PEANUT LOANs.


NANEY's 2024 goal is to raise $20,000


We partner with Returned Peace Corps Volunteers to bring NANEY to the communities where they served as volunteers.

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